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Ordering Information

Please remember that you are not looking at a catalogue. 

We make bespoke, one-off garments, not mass produced clothing.

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Purchase of a Ready-Made Outfit

To purchase a Ready-Made outfit from the Guinevere’s Dream Website simply email [email protected] telling us which outfit you wish to buy, please include your email address, telephone number and any questions you may have regarding the outfit.

(Please note that the costume shown on our site are one-off items and are offered for sale as you see them. If you wish to order a similar outfit in the same style as one shown you should go to “Purchase of a Made-to Measure Outfit”)

We will then contact you to give you a full price including Postage & Packing.

You are then required to pay the full amount within seven days of receiving details of the full price either by cheque made payable to: Gail Griffiths or Guinevere’s Dream At: Guinevere’s Dream, 90 Tickhill Street, Denaby Main, Doncaster. South Yorkshire. DN12 4AY. Or you may pay using PayPal.

Once your cheque has cleared at our bank (usually 3-5 days) we will despatch your outfit to your designated delivery address by Royal Mail Special Delivery, we will also contact you by email to advise you to expect delivery by noon the next working day.

All Ready-Made Outfits are sold as finished garments, some are ex-hire, you will be advised of the number of hires and full condition of an outfit before final ordering takes place. Please make sure that your measurements and the measurements of the garment you are ordering are the same, you can use our Measurement Guide to help you.

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Purchase of a Made-to-Measure Outfit

Before ordering a Made-to-Measure Outfit from Guinevere’s Dream you will no doubt have a few questions, such as: Can we make it? How much will it cost? How long will it take?

We can make just about anything you want, just so long as it is made from fabric. Before we can answer any other questions however, we will need to know something about the outfit or garment that you have in mind.

What is the outfit or garment for? is it for re-enactment, theatre, a special event…? the use to which the outfit is to be put to may affect the way it has to be made and what it has to be made from and how long it will take to make.

What fabric and what colour? some fabric and colour combinations can be tricky to source, others are very easy. Therefore, before we start, we need to know your preferences.

Do you have a budget for your outfit? some idea about how much you wish to spend will help us to help you. For example, you may wish to order a reproduction of an outfit you have seen in a movie. Most movie costumes are lavishly expensive because of the fabrics that are used, but in many cases there are cheaper alternatives. Knowing that you have a budget for the reproduction will prevent us from suggesting the expensive original fabric.

What are your measurements? we will have to know this eventually so why not tell us as soon as possible, your size will not affect the price of your outfit, in most cases we would require the same length of fabric to make a size 14 as we would to make a size 24. The reason we would like to know your measurements from the start is that we believe that you should look and feel special and happy in one of our garments, if we think that you have made a poor choice of outfit or one that will not suit your size we will tell you and make every attempt to suggest a better alternative. To find out what measurements we need to know please use our Measurement Guide.

Once you have gathered the information that we require you can contact us by email: [email protected] we will then work out an estimated cost for your order and contact you. If you are happy with the estimate, and assuming that we have all the information that we need, then all that you have to do is send us a cheque made payable to Gail Griffiths or Guinevere’s Dream for half the estimated cost of your order, Click Here for more information on payments.

Once your cheque has cleared, and if we are able, we will begin work on your order. When it is near completion we will contact you again to advise you of the final cost of your order including Postage and Packing.

As soon as your cheque has cleared at our bank (usually 3-5 days) we will despatch your outfit to your designated delivery address by Royal Mail Special Delivery, we will also contact you by email to advise you to expect delivery by noon the next working day.

Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for me to make your order.

Guinevere’s Dream is a small e-business, which I run with the help of my partner from our home in South Yorkshire.

We are pleased to invite customers to our home, by prior appointment, to discuss their requirements.

At least 24 hours notice is required for the cancellation of all appointments, failure to give proper notice may result in a “Cancelled Appointment” fee being charged.

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IMPORTANT! read the following

I will not start work* on your outfit until I have received and had cleared at my bank, half of the total cost of your order as a cheque made payable to “Guinevere’s Dream”.

The cheque should be sent with a covering note to:
Gail Griffiths
Guinevere’s Dream
90 Tickhill Street
Denaby Main
DN12 4AY

Once I have your measurements, and your cheque has cleared at my bank I will start work* on your outfit.

Your outfit should only take a few days to make, I will contact you near its completion date and ask you to send the remaining cost of your order plus the cost of packaging and Royal Mail Special Delivery to your address.

Once the final cheque has been cleared I will forward your outfit to you.

Alternatively you may wish to pay with your Credit or Debit Card using PayPal® click to find out more.

  • start work refers to any work carried out on your order, this includes the sourcing and purchase of all fabrics

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Postage & Packing

Postage with in the UK is by Royal Mail Special Delivery which is guaranteed recorded delivery before noon on the next working day. Therefore, please give a delivery address at which you will be present to sign for the package.

Price of Postage will depend on the weight of the finished outfit and its packaging. Click Here for the latest Special Delivery rates.

All outfits are packaged in new cartons.

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If you would like to pay us by Credit or Debit card using PayPal® simply let us know and we will instruct PayPal® to invoice you by email, you pay them, we transfer the money from PayPal® to our Bank Account then we send you your goods. Your payment will be secure and covered under your Credit Card insurance.

Please note that we will add an additional 4% of any payment request via PayPal to cover PayPal charges to us.

Tell me more about

I would like to be able to accept Credit Card payments with

Founded in 1998, PayPal, an eBay Company, enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. PayPal’s service builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards and uses the world’s most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution.

PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with 35 million account members worldwide. Available in 38 countries around the world, buyers and sellers on eBay, online retailers, online businesses, as well as traditional offline businesses, are transacting with PayPal.

PayPal has received almost 20 awards for technical excellence from the Internet industry and the business community at large – most recently the 2003 Webby Award for Best Finance Site and the 2003 Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Finance Site.

Located in Mountain View, California, PayPal was acquired by eBay Inc. in October 2002.
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Guinevere’s Dream cannot accept any liability for any injury caused as a result of wearing any garment, outfit or accessory purchased from us. Please be aware that the materials used for our products are not covered by the European kite-mark for safety. We therefore cannot guarantee any of our products as being flame-proof, or accept any liability to the wearer, or to others, in the unlikely event that they should catch fire whilst being worn, transported or stored.

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When your Order is Ready

When your outfit has been made and is ready for collection or delivery, we will contact you to let you know the final cost and to make any final fitting arrangements if required or specified by you.

We do not have the space to store finished outfits, we expect our clients to have made any outstanding payments including postage and packing fee, or to have collected their outfits within 30 days of us giving notification that the outfit is completed.

Any outfits still in our possession after 14 days will incur a storage charge.