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Please remember that you are not looking at a catalogue. 

We make bespoke, one-off garments, not mass produced clothing.

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By far the most popular outfits that we produce are those for Medieval Weddings.

In our experience, the term: “Medieval Wedding” conjures up different images for different people. From weddings where just the bride’s outfit is made in a medieval style, all the way through to the full medieval experience where the bride, groom and all the guests dress in medieval costume with medieval style food, drink and entertainment in a “full-on” medieval setting.

We can make the wedding dress of your dreams at a price to fit your budget, or we can pull out all the stops to make a gown so unique it will be a work of art.

All of the outfits and styles shown on this website can be made or modified to suite any bride’s requirements (including the groom’s).

If you have found your way here via a web-search please either take time out now to view our website or bookmark us for future use.

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