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Please remember that you are not looking at a catalogue. 

We make bespoke, one-off garments, not mass produced clothing.

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Welcome to Guinevere’s Dream Costume; for our Medieval Wedding Events site please Click Here

Guinevere’s Dream hand make high quality Medieval inspired, Historic & Fantasy costume and accessories for Themed Weddings & Events, Festivals, Visitor Attractions and the Theatre. 

What you will see on these pages are only a few of the outfits that we have made.  Don’t worry if you cannot find an example of what you are looking for; the only reason for this is that you haven’t asked us to make it for you yet.


Most of our outfits are custom made for our clients.  We do not believe in making you have what we want to sell you, we would rather you came to us and told us what you want, then allow us to make it just for you.  So if you have a favourite dress from the movies or gown from a romantic painting or even your own idea, drop us an email and let us help you to fulfil your dream.


Although we specialise in making medieval costume, we can also produce any period of historic costume as either authentic or fantasy outfits.  We also make a wide range of cloaks for all occasions.

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Guinevere’s Dream was formed in 2001 by Gail Griffiths. 

Gail has been making clothing professionally since the late 1970s when she worked for Burton the Tailors. 

In 1993 Gail became involved in Medieval Re-enactment, as a result she became caught up in the production of historic clothing. 

Pursuing her interest further, Gail made a detailed study of the history of clothing and costume of the Medieval period.

Today, costumes produced by Guinevere’s Dream are an amalgamation of Medieval styles, modern fabrics and a Twenty First Century twist, making them “Objects of Desire” for all our clients from the UK and around the World.

Click Here to read more about Gail on the BBC website.

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