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Please remember that you are not looking at a catalogue. 

We make bespoke, one-off garments, not mass produced clothing.

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Deja Vu
For previously owned costume by Guinevere’s Dream.

The items of costume on this page are genuine Guinevere’s Dream creations that are being sold by their owners, in many cases they have been worn once.  These are private sales brought to you courtesy of Guinevere’s Dream.

If you wish to purchase or find out more about a particular outfit, just click the “Deja Vu mailto” button connected with that outfit to send an email (Please remember to name the outfit in your email).  You will be contacted in due course by the outfit’s owner via email.  Remember that these are private sales and are not the responsibility of Guinevere’s Dream.

If you have a Guinevere’s Dream outfit that you would like to sell here please email us with details.

Angharad design sample 3

Made in a two tone blue/red taffeta with gold fake embroidery.  This gown is for sale at £125 £99 (was £300 when brand new), and has been worn once.

This dress is sitting on a dress form with a 38 inch bust.

For Sale £125 £99+P&P

Two matching Knights “Tabard Style” Surcotes made in green cotton velvet decorated using yellow felt appliquéd to the front and to the edges.

These surcotes have been worn on a couple of occasions for ceremonial duties only (no combat).

The unique horses head motif was designed to be used on these surcotes only.

For Sale at just £70 +P&P each.
Knights, armour and weapons are not included.

email [email protected] for further information.