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Please remember that you are not looking at a catalogue. 

We make bespoke, one-off garments, not mass produced clothing.

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We make banners in all sizes and shapes, we make Heraldic Banners for Re-enactment; we make Standards for companies, clubs and societies; we make Wedding Banners with the cote of arms of the bride and groom merged together in the same way that they did in days gone by.  We make banners to decorate your hall, house or castle.

With the exception of some of our wall-hangings, our banners are sewn together using a technique known as appliqué, each colour is a piece of cloth that has been sewn down onto the back-ground.  This is a time consuming technique that gives stunning and hard wearing results.

If you want a top quality, individually made custom banner for any occasion just contact: [email protected]